Chapter 4

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Sample Project:

Click the still above to view this chapter’s sample animation project, which was built using Sculpt-Animate 4D.

You may also download the project as an Amiga ANIM file, and may download the Sculpt-Animate 4D scene and take files used to render the animation.

A Sculpt-Animate Showcase:


The short film above begins with Eric Graham’s famous Juggler demo, which was rendered using SSG, the first ray tracing application written for a general-purpose personal computer. It then goes on to showcase some of the work done with Graham’s later programs Sculpt-Animate 3D and Sculpt-Animate 4D. These demos represent some of the first 3D modeling and animation done on personal computers. Most of them use the Amiga’s HAM mode with its unprecedented 4096 colors available at once. As you watch, it is worth remembering that many of these animations required days or weeks of computer time to render.

In order of appearance, the featured demos are:

Juggler by Eric Graham (1986)
Kahnankas by Ken Offer (1987)
Rocker by Eric Graham (1987)
F-15 by Ken Offer (1987)
Boing Throws by Marvin Landis (1988)
Not Boing Again by Eric J. Fleischer (1988)
Bowl by Vern Staats (1988)
Nu Hand by Bryan Carey Gullivan (1988)
Dogs World by Charles Voner (1988)
CUCUG by Ed Serbe (1988)
Doctor A by Marvin Landis (1989)
Laser Boing by Mike van der Sommen (1989)
Balloon by Dave Schreiber (1989)
Spigot by Eric J. Fleischer (1989)

5 Responses to “Chapter 4”

  1. Ali Farhat Says:

    Mind blowing stuff. I’m amazed to learn how capable the Amiga machine was when using it as a kid doing basic 2D images & 3D modelling using Imagine.

  2. I think Cinema 4D deserved at least mentioning in this chapter of the book.

  3. Seeing all these brings back some fond memories. I also remember using the World Construction Set by 3D Nature on my Amiga.

  4. The Flash video files are broken

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